The Galaxy of Lemuria is a blockchain-based game featuring a trading card-based system, and a vast procedurally generated galaxy to explore. The Galaxy of Lemuria is currently under development. Join our discord server for the latest updates regarding development, roadmap, upcoming sales, and more!


We have migrated our DAPP to Polygon Mainnet sooner than expected! All the transactions you run now on-chain are permanent, including package unboxing, token transfers, minting, etc. You can now mint your NFTs and trade them on our DAPP Marketplace or on OpenSea. Note: Depending on the network status, the NFT can take several minutes to become available under your inventory when you are transferring your packages, same for when you mint your NFTs, if you don’t see it right away wait a couple of minutes. All the NFTs you mint by using the DAPP will be available under your OpenSea collection. If you don’t find your NFTs on OpenSea check under the Hidden tab. The Galaxy Of Lemuria OpenSea’s official collection link is https://opensea.io/collection/the-galaxy-of-lemuria
END OF FOUNDER SALE Hello Lemurians! Heads up our founder sale is about to finish in less than 4 hours! We have successfully built the initial foundations for TGOL and, we did it within the first week our Founder Sale started, we are all witnesses of this success! We thank you for your support in helping us lead this project towards its completion. Thank you everyone for participating! Our project will continue its development as per our roadmap here: https://docs.playlemuria.com/roadmap-and-milestones Join our Discord we have plenty activities and exclusive news for our community!
Hello community! I’m glad to announce that after hard work, along with the game design team, we have the whitepaper and game development roadmap ready!
Whitepaper: https://docs.playlemuria.com/
Roadmap: https://docs.playlemuria.com/roadmap-and-milestones
News regarding the NFTs Founder Sale coming soon!
Thanks for the continued support!

In The Galaxy of Lemuria you will discover new worlds and environments. Survival against all odds while making new friends and enemies is part of the long-lasting fun!

The entire galaxy of Lemuria is procedurally generated — literally everything! You will never have the same experience twice.

It all began when a common child arrived at his new home…

Located within the basement was a very strange card, and upon this unique card was a phrase: 'Galaxy Portal'. Then, without warning, it seemed to be activated by an unknown source. To his surprise, the child had been teleported to Lemuria, a faraway galaxy housed within a distant supercluster.

Cards like this were spread all over the world. Due to other portals appearing all over the planet, many others became lost there as well.  Unfortunately, these new inhabitants are unaware they had arrived in a cursed galaxy. Every now and then, the galaxy’s energy just dies out, and in these times of this cursed darkness, the savage monsters that inhabit the galaxy become even more dangerous. It is unknown if a celestial deity or magic from the distant past is the cause, but no matter, the lack of light gives these beasts their new-found energy. In order to survive these foul creatures, you must create your own energy source. The way you play your hand will determine if living is in your cards.

The Galaxy of Lemuria is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) survival RPG with a trading card-based skill system that incorporates a player driven blockchain economy, and a huge, procedurally generated galaxy to explore. You will discover new worlds, moons, and environments. Survival against all odds while making new friends and enemies is part of the long-lasting fun!



Each planet will provide you with building materials. Build the home of your dreams with a whole arsenal of materials to choose from — wood, metal, stone and more. Team up to forge a metropolis to protect yourself. 


The Galaxy of Lemuria features procedurally generated worlds with a plethora of environments. All these contain various resources, monsters, and hidden loot.

Exploration of moons and planets to find special materials is the only sure path to success. Use these materials to craft weapons, potions, or food. Be wary of what you create and how it’s used — effects could help OR harm you! 


Every skill in Galaxy of Lemuria is performed with a card. Your stats determine that skill’s effectiveness.


The Explorer A1 is a cheap but fast hybrid ship used to explore exoplanets and moons in nearby regions of space. Never pass up the opportunity to gather the resources necessary to build this useful vehicle.

More details coming soon!


Alpha 0.1 is available for our Discord members only! If you want to be part of the testers please join our Discord server by clicking the banner below and follow the instructions!